Q: What's the filming process like?

A: We'll share a link to our virtual studio (works just like a PC/Smartphone video call).

Q: Will you help me with my messaging?

A: Absolutely. We'll give you content ideas based on your goals and industry.

Q: How long do the recording sessions last?

A: In most cases no more than 30 minutes. That's all we need!

Q: Do I need to memorize my content for the recording session?

A: We suggest a conversational approach through a Q&A interview style.

Q: What if I want a video that is longer than 60 seconds?

A: No problem. Select a package with the equivalent length
(ex: 2 videos of 90 seconds = 180 seconds, the equivalent to 3 videos of 60 seconds).

Q: How quickly will I have my video(s)?

A: You can expect to receive your videos within 10 days from the recording day.

More Client Reviews

"Paulo Simoes and Brios Media are absolutely the best without exception. To say they are professional is an understatement..."
Michael Green | Poiema Arts

"Paulo's expertise in the field of media brings "big time production" to smaller businesses at an affordable price. And the videos created can be used time and time again".
Mitchel Krause | OSAM

"Paulo and his team are true video production experts. Their deep experience and eye for detail bring brand stories to life!"
Peter Dayot | Real Living

"Brios Media did a great job on our videos this year! The team is easy to work with and makes the process run smoothly."
Sallyann Hullic | BSA LifeStructures

"The Brios team worked with me at every step to help me design my videos for my business. They guided me through all the steps of the interview, discussion topics, and set design. I couldn't be happier."
Dr. Rose Mulhearn | Wake Forest Acupuncture"

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